Freedom of Information Request

Social Housing

Received: 7 June 2024

I am writing to enquire into social housing waiting times within your borough under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.1. As of 31/03/2024, what is the average projected wait time for households on the council's housing register in each priority band, for a social home:a. With 1 bedroomb. With 2 bedroomsc. With 3 bedroomsd. With 4+ bedroomse. Adapted to wheelchair standardsNotes:'Average projected waiting time' should be interpreted as how long it would take for a household with a given set of characteristics to be granted social homes, based on how many similar households were granted social homes in the last year.'Social home' and 'social housing' here include both general needs and supported social homes.For each of the following questions, if data is unavailable for the date(s) requested, please provide the most recent data available.If data does not exist on a component of this request, please provide what information does exist.'Priority band' refers to the classification assigned to households on the council's housing register, based on an assessment of their housing need, which determines their relative priority for being allocated a social home, as set out in the council's allocations policy. If the council uses a points system with thresholds, please use these as 'bands' if possible.