Freedom of Information Request

Beam Up Limited Contract

Received: 10 May 2024

Good evening, I understand that you have a contract(s) with Beam_Up Ltd (Beam) - I would like to know the following information:1. What was written on Beam's proposal/bid to win the contract? 2. What are the KPIs of the contract? 3. What has been achieved during the contract? 4. What was the justification around awarding Beam the contract? 5. How many people have been moved out of homelessness or into employment? 6. How would the local authority consider Beam's value for money as a service? 7. Could you provide details of any contracts or agreements between [Local Authority Name] and Beam, including their scope, objectives, and the specific services to be provided?8. What is the total financial value of contracts currently in place between [Local Authority Name] and Beam?9. How many individuals have benefited from services provided by Beam under contracts with [Local Authority Name]?10. Can you share the performance metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that Beam must meet as part of its contracts with [Local Authority Name]?11. Are there any penalties or incentives included in contracts between [Local Authority Name] and Beam based on performance or outcomes?12. What is the duration of each current contract between [Local Authority Name] and Beam, and when are they due for renewal?13. Have any audits or evaluations been conducted regarding the services provided by Beam under its contracts with [Local Authority Name]? If so, can you provide the results or summaries of these assessments?14. Has Beam submitted any specific proposals or tenders to [Local Authority Name] for additional or renewed contracts? If so, what are the key terms of those proposals?15. What are the eligibility criteria that individuals must meet to receive support from Beam under the terms of contracts with [Local Authority Name]?16. Are there any plans to expand the scope of services provided by Beam in future contracts with [Local Authority Name], or are additional contracts being negotiated?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download