Freedom of Information Request

The use of AI in LBB

Received: 29 April 2024

I am seeking information in relation to the use of AI in recruitment processes.Does Barnet Borough Council use AI in any part of the job recruitment process. This can include: identifying the hiring needs, preparing the job description, talent search, screening and shortlisting, interviewing, evaluation and offer of employment, and introduction and induction of the New Employee. This also includes any AI technology that uses body-language analysis, vocal assessments, gamified tests and/or CV scanners.If the department does use AI during any part of this process, which software is most commonly used, and since when has this software been in use? Which company provides this software? How much have you spent on AI technology related to the use of recruitment?Apart from using AI in recruitment, does Barnet Borough Council use AI technology in any other aspect? Please specify what that is.

Outcome / Documents

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