Freedom of Information Request

Cultural activities and the built environment

Received: 17 April 2024

I am interested in how race is addressed in the council area, with particular regard to cultural activities and the built environment. For the last year up to date, but inclusive of information and documents from work which may have begun before this period and is still being pursued by the council.(For example, a project to identify monument may have begun in 2020, but the list compiled from this project may still be used by the council now)Please disregard requests to schools, galleries, museums libraries as appropriate - if the council does not control these 1Could you please provide any list or review/research/report/survey of locations (streets/buildings/parks), or public art (such as statues), plaques, commemorations, graves, memorials that the council has produced in relation to slavery, colonialism, empire/British Empire, racism, white supremacy, Black Lives Matter, decolonising, racial justice. In question form: 'What in the built environment has the organisation, or a group working on its behalf, identified as being linked to racism, slavery, colonialism: that is, contested history?'2Could you please provide details of what being done to highlight, reinterpret, redisplay, or rename aspects of the environment in the council area identifying in part 1 of this request In question form: 'What work (such as adding interpretation, or information boards, or plaques close to contested monuments) has been undertaken by the council to address these legacies?3If applicable, can you please provide information on what is being done to address issues of slavery, colonialism, empire/British Empire, racism, white supremacy, Black Lives Matter, decolonising, racial justice in council museums/galleries?For example, what information boards have been added, what has been taken off display or put on display, what new plaques have been erected?4The same as for part 3, but can you provide information on how council libraries have addressed these issuesFor example, have any books been specifically banned or removed from the library? Has a system of trigger warnings been established for sensitive topics?Could you please provide details of any books which have been taken from public display and perhaps placed at the desk, or in a reserve stack, because they may be offensive or inappropriate ?(This can be broad, I do not need an full check of all items in the library; please do not get bogged won in this if it is likely to go over the limit)5Fr any council run or supported events in the area, how have these events been more inclusive or a greater focus on diversity?For example, Bonfire nights or Christmas lights events6For any schools affiliated with the council, could you provide details on how the curriculum has been diversified?Council provide any details or advice to school provided by the council on design the curriculum

Outcome / Documents

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