Freedom of Information Request

Participation Date in National Dispersal by District

Received: 23 April 2024

Dear Sir/Madam, The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act introduced the policy of national dispersal. In a Parliamentary Question answered in December 2015, the Home Office confirmed that 99 local authorities have signed up to participate in the national dispersal arrangements at the time [1]. A report by the National Audit Office suggests that this number increased to 180 as of March 2020 (see page 45-46 in [2]). As a research assistant at UCL's Political Science Department, I am working on a research project on the impact of national dispersal and am writing to request the data below. Specifically, I would like to request information about the date on which the London Borough of Barnet had officially notified the Home Office that they agree to participate in the national dispersal. Please provide all dates that are relevant starting in 1999. If the exact date is unavailable, it would be wonderful if you could provide an approximate day, month and/or year. At the same time, we also request information if the Borough later withdrew its participation in the arrangement (and when). This information is being used to study how to create an equitable and high functioning dispersal policy in the UK. Thank you for your help. [1] [2]

Outcome / Documents

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