Freedom of Information Request

Councillor Training

Received: 15 April 2024

Please provide me with the latest or most recent copy of by PDF or doc. ( see point 8 above)1. Your most recent published or otherwise councillor training or induction programme or schedule including seminars, workshops eLearning etc2. Your councillor training, development strategy or plan or policy 3. Any report of wholistic or groups needs analysis of councillor training developed i.e. where you have scoped and analysed councillor training needs either as individuals or as a whole. Where there is none in the last five years,( April 2019 to April 2024) please state this.4. A copy of your new councillor induction or welcome pack if any.5. The budget over the last two financial years for Councillor training.6. The Job description of any officer responsible for council development or training 7. The most recent list of publications, guidance notes for councillors available .8. A copy of the proforma which may be used to develop or identify councillors' own development needs i.e. by completing a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) or undertaking a Personal Development Review (PDR) or Personal Training Programme ( PTP ) Or Similarly named document used to identify individual training needs.9. The most recent quality assurance or feedback report of the quality of the programmes being develop or delivered i.e. what do councillors think of the quality and relevance of the training provided. Where there is none in the last five years,( April 2019 to April 2024) please state this10. Any other document which identifies positively , through awards or accolades or positive articles or press releases the type and scope of training and induction you provide to councillors ( Please use your discretion, I am looking for best practice)

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download