Freedom of Information Request

5G technology

Received: 12 April 2024

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request information about the deployment of 5G technology within the Barnet area. My interest lies in understanding the specifics of the technology's implementation, the associated safety standards, and the mechanisms in place for public accountability and health protection._____1a. Can you provide details on which companies have been contracted for the installation and maintenance of 5G infrastructure in Barnet?1b. Who are the manufacturers of the 5G equipment being installed?2a. Please provide detailed specifications of the 5G technology being deployed, including the types of antennas and transmission equipment.2b. Does the deployment utilize mmWave (millimeter wave) technology?3a. What levels of electromagnetic radiation are emitted by the 5G infrastructure, and how do these compare to international safety standards? 3b. What continuous monitoring practices are in place to ensure these levels remain within safe limits?4. Have health risk assessments been conducted in relation to the deployment of 5G technology in Barnet? If so, please share the findings.5. Is there specific public liability or indemnity insurance coverage for the 5G infrastructure? What risks are covered by this insurance?6. How does the 5G infrastructure comply with UK and international regulatory standards for telecommunications infrastructure?7. Has there been any public consultation regarding the deployment of 5G technology in Barnet? How can residents submit feedback or concerns?8. Has an environmental impact assessment been conducted for the 5G deployment? What measures have been implemented to mitigate any identified risks?9. With the increase in data transmission, what measures are in place to ensure the protection and privacy of residents' data?10. What procedures are in place for reporting and addressing incidents or concerns related to the health and safety impacts of 5G technology?

Outcome / Documents

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