Freedom of Information Request

Schools Organograms and Recruiment Agency Spends 2023/2024

Received: 8 April 2024

I am Looking for a response on the following questions from your council as a whole, and for the individual schools (Primary and secondary) within your authority!Section 1 - OrganogramCan you please provide me with the latest organization charts for each of the schools in your authority, including names of staff and departments they work in. I am looking for the names of all SLT, and middle leaders, along with their respective positions, and what subjects they are in charge of/cover. Please also provide information as to whether any of these positions are vacant, and if there are any plans to change to your leadership structure in the new academic year: 2024/2025.Please send the information in a clear organogram, as well as a list of the SLT, Middle leadership, and other roles -roles I am looking for information on specifically are: Headteachers, Head of departments, Heads PA/'s, Cover managers, and HR Managers.Section 2 - Recruitment SpendsDo you currently use an MSP for the recruitment of temporary and/or permanent school staff (teaching, support, commercial, leadership) at the school sites than are under your authority? If so, what is the name of the MSP?If you do use an MSP, what is the name and job title of the person in charge of the decision to use an MSP, and how often is the use of the MSP reviewed? When will this be reviewed next? If there are multiple decision makers involved in this, please give details of all of them.If you do not use a Managed service provider across all of your schools, but do use a PSL for all of them, please mention this here.How often do you review your PSL, is this done at a specific time each academic year/couple of years? When is the next time that the PSL will be reviewed?What decision maker/s are involved in the choice of agencies for your PSL? Please give names and Job Titles.If the recruitment of agency staff is handled individually by each school, mention this here.Please provide the total money spent by each schools under your authority, on Recruitment agencies for the 2023/2024 tax year. Please break this down for each school in your authority by:Amount spent on each agency each month - give names of agency if possible.Amount spent on Temporary and Permanent Placements each month Amount spent in total.Please Highlight the month that you spent the most on recruitment agencies.If this information is only attainable through a request directly with the schools covered by the council, please make note of that here, and give a list of all schools in the local authority.

Outcome / Documents

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