Freedom of Information Request

Funding Allocation for Tutoring Services

Received: 2 April 2024

1. Provision of Funding for Young People's Tutoring (Spreadsheet attached to fill out details):Does your local authority provide funding for young people's tutoring? If so, please indicate all applicable options from the following:* Option a) Yes, we operate our own virtual school that also provides tutoring.* Option b) Yes, we fund enrolment into one or more external virtual schools.* Option c) Yes, we provide additional funding for mainstream schools targeted for tutoring or individual catch-up.* Option d) Yes, we pay one or more tutoring providers directly.* Option e) Yes, we provide funding to parents for them to buy tutoring or other learning support.* Option f) Yes, we provide funding for tutoring but in a different fiscal year.* Option h) No, we do not provide funding for tutoring.For each applicable option, please provide the following information:* Funding details for FY 2021-22 and FY 2022-23 (and FY 2023-24 if available)* Total expenditure on tutoring for FY 2021-22 and FY 2022-23 (and FY 2023-24 if available)* Total number of young people served or enrolled for each fiscal year* Budget allocation for FY 2024-25 (or FY 2023-24 if FY 2024-25 information is unavailable)For Option d), please additionally provide:* Details of the procurement process for tutoring providers* Names of tutoring providers used in FY 2022-23* Amount spent with each tutoring provider in FY 2022-232. Total Amount Spent on Tutoring:* Total amount spent by the local authority on tutoring (excluding normal spend from schools / the Delegated Schools Grant) for FY 2021-22 and FY 2022-23 (and FY 2023-24 if available)* Number of young people benefiting from tutoring for each fiscal year3. Eligibility Criteria for Tutoring Support:Categories of young people eligible to receive tutoring support when provided directly by the local authority (Options d or e in Question 1):* Young people enrolled in Virtual Schools* Looked-after children.* Children excluded from mainstream education.* Elective home educated children.* Learners eligible for pupil premium* Children in alternative provision settings* Children with English as an additional language (EAL)* Asylum seekers* Youth offenders after release* Young people aged 16-25 years.* Individuals who apply for support* Young people identified by their school as needing catch-up support.* Other (please specify)If there are additional categories or sub-categories pertinent to your local authority, please feel free to specify them.4. Live Tenders Related to Tutoring:* Details of any live tenders related to tutoring or areas detailed in Question 3* Renewal dates for live tenders and their advertisement locations* Any tenders where the local authority had to go off-contract to fulfill needs, with contact information for further inquiries.

Outcome / Documents

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