Freedom of Information Request

5G masts

Received: 25 March 2024

Dear Barnet Council FOI Officer,I am submitting a consolidated request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for comprehensive information on the deployment, safety, and community implications of 5G technology in Golders Green. My inquiry covers the following areas:Safety Data: Requesting access to or copies of any council-held safety data and research on the health and environmental impact of 5G technology, particularly concerning the infrastructure within Golders Green.Health and Environmental Assessments: Details on conducted health impact assessments and environmental impact assessments regarding 5G masts in our area, including findings and mitigation measures.Regulatory Compliance: Explanation of health and safety guidelines for 5G installations, and the council's approach to monitoring and enforcing these standards.Infrastructure Details: Information on the number and locations of 5G masts erected in Golders Green.Community Engagement: Records or minutes from community consultations on 5G deployment.Emergency Services Coordination: How the introduction of 5G technology has been coordinated with emergency services to ensure system compatibility or enhancement.Future Expansion: Insight into any plans or strategies for further 5G technology expansion in Golders Green.EMF Measurements: Pre- and post-installation electromagnetic field measurements for the 5G infrastructure.Maintenance and Upgrade Policies: Details on maintenance schedules and future technology upgrade plans.Public Feedback: A summary of complaints received in relation to 5G deployment and their resolutions.Impact on Wildlife: Reports or studies on the impact of 5G technology on local wildlife and biodiversity.Collaborations with Telecom Companies: Information on any partnerships or agreements with telecommunications companies for 5G deployment in Golders Green.I trust the council will provide this important information to address the concerns and interests of Golders Green residents regarding 5G technology's deployment and impact. I look forward to your response within the stipulated 20 working days as required by the Act.Should you need any clarification on this request, please feel free to contact me.Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to transparency.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download