Freedom of Information Request

Council Tax, Resident Demographics, and Governing Legislation in Barnet Borough

Received: 25 March 2024

Dear Barnet Council,I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request detailed information concerning council tax, resident demographics, and the legal framework governing council tax within Barnet Borough. My goal is to understand not only the operational aspects of council tax but also the legislative foundation that guides its administration and enforcement.**Resident and Council Tax Payer Information:**1. Total number of residents and the number registered as council tax payers, according to the most recent data.2. Information on exemptions and discounts, including reasons and number of beneficiaries.3. Five-year comparison of resident and council tax payer numbers.**Council Tax Payment Dynamics:**4. Available payment methods for council tax and the usage percentage of each method by residents.5. Statistics on timely payments vs. late payments, including instances of legal actions due to non-payment.**Support, Public Engagement, and Legislative Framework:**6. Details on support programs or relief schemes for residents struggling to pay council tax, including uptake rates.7. A comprehensive outline of the legislation governing council tax in Barnet Borough, including any local bylaws or regulations specific to the borough.This request aims to provide a thorough understanding of how council tax impacts residents, how the council supports those unable to pay, and how legislative measures shape these processes.Please provide this information in an electronic format. I anticipate your response within the statutory 20 working days as outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download