Freedom of Information Request

ULEZ cameras

Received: 25 March 2024

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I am reaching out to gather extensive details about the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) cameras within the Golders Green area. My intention is to delve into various facets of this initiative, spanning from logistical implementation to broader implications on community welfare and individual health.1. **Installation Details:** - Confirmation of the total count and precise locations of ULEZ cameras within Golders Green, alongside any future plans for additional installations.2. **Operational Data:** - The rationale behind the chosen locations for these cameras and an explanation of the specific types of data they are programmed to collect.3. **Compliance and Enforcement:** - Insight into the mechanisms set in place for the monitoring and enforcement of ULEZ compliance, supplemented by statistics on incidents of non-compliance identified by these installations.4. **Data Privacy and Security:** - A description of the protocols ensuring the privacy and security of the data captured by ULEZ cameras.5. **Impact Assessment:** - Details of any conducted studies or assessments aimed at evaluating the impact of ULEZ cameras on traffic patterns, pollution reduction, and notably, public health within Golders Green.6. **Community Consultation:** - Information regarding any consultations with the Golders Green community and local businesses preceding the ULEZ camera installations, including reflections on how this feedback has been integrated.7. **Model Numbers and Safety Data Regarding Human Health:** - Provision of the model numbers for the ULEZ cameras deployed in Golders Green. - Any available safety data or research focusing on the effects these cameras (or similar technologies) might have on human health, emphasizing the community's well-being. The aim behind this comprehensive request is to acquire a holistic understanding of the ULEZ camera project, emphasizing not just the logistical and operational aspects but also the socio-environmental impact, with a particular focus on health and safety considerations.Please provide this information in an electronic format. I expect a response within the 20 working days stipulated by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.Thank you for your attention to these matters and your ongoing commitment to our community's environmental health and safety.

Outcome / Documents

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