Freedom of Information Request

HMO & Temporary Exemption Notice for Sherrick House, 30 Church End Lane, London NW4 4JX

Received: 25 March 2024

Dear sirsI rented a room in the above property sharing with other 4 unrelated housemates through the managing agent Dex Property Management Ltd (DPM). You can verify this with the Council Tax bill 35162402, that is on my name for the period 15/7/2022 to 20/6/2023I have checked on Barnet Councils public register for HMO licensed properties (spreadsheet) and Sherrick House is not in it. I have been told that DPM applied to an HMO on December 2022 however the application still has not been granted reason why it is not in the spreadsheet. As of today it is nearly 15 months since they applied, it is a very long time for an application to be sat still waiting. Normally it takes in average 3 months of receiving a valid HMO application.I would very much appreciate your prompt reply, as the lack of this information is stopping me from getting legal advice & I might incur on extra costs..Can you please confirm:1. The date on the HMO application, was the application duly made, was it submitted by DPM or by previous owner/landlord, was all the required documentation presented and fees paid for 1st and 2nd stage.2. The reason for being 15 months still not approved.(I was told by Lian from the HMO that DPM applied on December 2022 for the HMO, aplication still not concluded) 3. Is it a valid application ; Has DMP paid their fees for both stages4. If it has been refused or an appeal logged, please confirm the dates. What is the current status5. Has Barnet Council issued a Decision Notice if so what date, can I have a cop6. Can you please provide any certificates or tests of electricals requested by Council Inspector or presented by DPM As per the Housing Act 2004 that requires every local authority to maintain a public register of properties licensed under the act together with any Temporary Exemption Notices served or any Interim/Final Management Orders, I would also like to know:6. Did DPM apply for a TEN ?7. If so, the date of application8. has it been extended further than the 3 initial months.Thank you in advance. Would very much appreciate your prompt response.Kind regards,Diego Caceres2 Jackson House22 Highview GardensLondon N11 1SHT. 07702982811

Outcome / Documents

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