Freedom of Information Request

Administrative and enforcement duties - private rented sector / social housing

Received: 19 March 2024

1.The number of complaints received per year by tenants related to private rented sector housing per year for the following years:2021/20222022/20232.The number of complaints received per year by tenants related to social housing per year for the following years: 2021/20222022/2023 3.The number of Housing, Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) inspections carried out per year on PRS properties for the following years:2021/20222022/2023 4.How many improvement notices have been served in relation to Category 1 and/or Category 2 hazards on PRS properties per year for the following years:2021/20222022/2023If possible, please list the total number of Improvement Notices served exclusively because of category 1 hazards. 5.The total number of formal enforcement notices served: Overcrowding Notices (Housing Act 2004 Part 2) on properties in the PRS for the following years:2021/20222022/2023 6.For each year since the offence was introduced, the number of civil penalties (if any) issued to private landlords for the following offences: a) Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (England) Regulations 2015 b) The Electrical Safety Standards in the PRS (England) Regulations 2020 7.Optional open box question to council officers: As part of NRLA campaign work on local government, we want to explore any potential barriers councils face with enforcement of the PRS and what policy/legislative changes central government can make to remove the barriers and increase uptake of certain aspects of enforcement as and when it is required. Therefore, we want to hear from council officers directly on what are the main barriers they face with issuing and enforcing civil penalties in the PRS currently. So, for example, factors like a lack of resources/funds, lack of legally trained staff, court waiting times etc. As this is an FOI request, I recognise that it is not mandatory for this question to be answered, however I would be most grateful if an answer can be provided so this can be fed into our lobbying work towards central government. Thank you for your assistance.

Outcome / Documents

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