Freedom of Information Request


Received: 14 February 2024

1 As of today's date how many are classed as homeless within your council area? Please also provide your definition of the word 'homeless' ie street homeless, sofa surfers etc?2 Using todays data how many single men, single women and families are currently house in B&Bs,, Hotels, Hostels etc?3 In each of the past 10 years how much has your council spent on B&B's, hotels, hostels etc.?4 So I can better understand your process of handling those presenting as homeless please provide details of how you determine whether you will place someone in B&B's, hotels or hostels? Please provide a copy of your criteria?5 If someone presents as homeless to you today will their sex or family status determine how you process them (please provide details) for example:a) Would you place a family in a hotel / B&B over a hostel, if so why?b) Would you place a single female in a hotel / B&B over a hostel, if so why?c) Would you be more likely to place a single man in a hostel over a B&B / Hotel, if so why?

Outcome / Documents

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