Freedom of Information Request

Question re road accident data in N12 9ND

Received: 1 February 2024

I live on Bramber Road, London N12 9ND and our road is concerned about how the road is used for school drop offs and pick ups as it is around the corner from Wren Academy. Despite the school telling parents/guardians to park away from the school and specifically not on our road, we think that cars use the road inconsiderately - driving way too fast, possibly causing accidents, blocking driveways etc. We already have double yellow lines, which are mostly ignored. However, I cannot find any data on any accidents happening on Bramber Road, or on Woodhouse Road N12 between Bramber Road and Hilton Avenue (which has one crossing into the school). We believe (Bramber Road residents) that we need evidence to bring to the council to establish what can be done to discourage dangerous driving, parking etc.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download