Freedom of Information Request

Progress of the North Finchley Town Centre Regeneration

Received: 6 February 2024

Following clarification request amended on 8.02.2024 by requester to remove questions under Section A.This request is made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and is submitted on behalf of Friern Barnet & Whetstone Residents' Association.The term 'documents' used below includes documents whether in written or in electronic formats and includes reports, papers, notes, emails, letters and memoranda.This request relates to the progress of the North Finchley Town Centre Regeneration.We have seen the "North Finchley Bulletin - December 2023" issued by Suley Muhidin, which stated that the draft PRDF (Public Realm DesignFramework) and masterplan had identified a number ( " a handful") of challenges and that the Council, Regal and TfL were seeking to resolve these.B. With regard to the proposed 'masterplan ' for the Regeneration - 1. please provide copies of the documents held and which were either created by the Council or received by it in both cases after 31 December 2024; 2. since 01 November 2023 has the Council received a draft (whether or not complete) of a proposed 'masterplan' or of a section or sections of a proposed 'masterplan' for consideration (whether formally or informally) ? If so, what was received ( if sections of a proposed masterplan what was the subject matter), when and to which Council Officer/Department was it sent? Note- copies of such documents are not required.3. has the Council responded with comments on any such documents as are referred to in 3 above? If so please identify the documents concerned (including subject matter) and for each such document the date the relevant response was sent by the Council.

Outcome / Documents

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