Freedom of Information Request

Diversity LGBTQ+

Received: 1 February 2024

I am making the following request under the Freedom of Information Act;1. Within your organisation, what policies exist to support staff members who identify as transgender and are transitioning?2. With respect to the question above, could you please provide a copy of the policies to support staff who identify as transgender?3. Do you have any information publications or presentations available to staff regarding LGBTQ+ and Transgender, if so please could you provide details and copies of the information.4. How many persons who identify as transgender are employed or volunteer with your organisation, and at what grade or position are they employed?5. What advice and information do you supply to managers and staff regarding Transgender? Do you provide any specialist training in dealing with colleagues or clients who identify as transgender?If so, please provide copies of the relevant policies and material.6. Does your organisation have any connections with Stonewall or similar organisations to support employees from the LGBTQ+ and Transgender community, and if so, please could you provide further details and copies of any documents or policies?7. Do you have any specific policies to support staff members transitioning/transgender in where they are deployed or employed in the organisation and in dealing with members of the public, if so please could you provide further information?8. Do you have a specific lead or individual(s) who deal with LGBTQ+ issues or liaison within the organisation? If so, please could you provide details?9. Do you have specific policies regarding keeping female, LGBTQ+ and transgender staff safe? If so, could you please provide details and copies of any relevant policies? Should you require any further information to progress the above request, please let me know.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download