Freedom of Information Request

Commissioning - All Age Carers Service.

Received: 8 January 2024

Cornwall currently commission an offer for an All Age Carers Service. We are currently reviewing our existing contract and performance measures used specifically for the young carers aspect of the contract. It would be incredibly helpful to be able seek information with colleagues to explore what arrangements your area has in place to develop our learning and considerations.I would be very grateful if you had had the time and availability to respond to the questions below to assist me:1)Does your area commission an all age carers provision or separate stand alone provisions for Unpaid (adult) Carers and Young Carers?2)What is the model being used? E.g. Lead provider / Collaborative model, one provider, sub-contracting etc.3)What is the delivery model for the Young Carers element of the contract? E.g. Schools works, 1:1, telephone IAG, holiday activities etc.4)What are your Key Targets for the Young Carers / Young Adult Carers contract?5)What is the approach used for performance monitoring? E.g KPIs, Human Learning Systems approach etc.If there is anything you would like to discuss I would be happy to arrange a teams to discuss the questions in more detail.