Sustainable travel to school (School Travel Plans)

A School Travel Plan is a document produced by a school that promotes sustainable ways for the whole school community to travel to and from school.

It encourages walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport use and aims to reduce the number of car journeys to and from schools.

All schools are encouraged to have a School Travel Plan that is kept up-to-date. If you can ask for a copy of the most recent School Travel Plan from the school.

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy

The council has a legal duty under the Education and Inspections Act (2006) to promote the use of sustainable travel and transport.

We have a Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (for Children and Young People)  known as SMoTS that explains how we do this.

This strategy aims to deliver increased accessibility to all schools, develop sustainable travel and transport infrastructure and ultimately improve Barnet’s environment, increase health of children and improve transport safety.