What to put in your bins

Depending on what kind of property you live in, you will have a different selection of bins:

If you live in a house or a small block of flats

If you live in a house, converted flat in a house or a small block of flats with 5 or less properties, you should have access to:

Your blue recycling and black refuse bins are collected weekly and if you have a green garden waste bin, this is collected fortnightly.

If you live in a larger block of flats (6 or more properties)

If you live in a block of 6 or more properties, you will usually have communal bin collections, and have access to blue and green recycling bins, and black and grey refuse bins.

If you have sacks

Some low-rise properties or properties located on busy high streets not suitable for wheeled bins will be exempt from the standard service and may be provided with a sack collection

If you have been assessed to receive sack collections, you can order more clear recycling sacks below. We advise that you make you order four weeks before you run out of your current stock of sacks.

Order new, additional or replacement bins or more sacks

Find your bin collection day