Dollis Valley Greenwalk

The Dollis Valley Greenwalk is a 10-mile walk linking green spaces along the Dollis Valley, starting in Moat Mount, Mill Hill through Barnet and into Hampstead Heath.

The route can take up to 6 hours to walk and is mostly flat with hard surfaces making it suitable for walkers, runners and wheelchair users. The weather can make parts of the walk muddy or icy.

Some sections of the walk can be cycled and there are signs to tell you where you can do this.

Dollis Valley Greenwalk guides

The guides have maps and information about the route:

Looking after Dollis Valley Greenwalk

We want to continue to keep Dollis Valley Greenwalk clean, safe and green and focus on improving:

  • access for everyone with ¬†better signage, improved footpaths and entrances
  • biodiversity and natural habitat by creating wild flower meadows, managing grassland and how we look after our rivers
  • the experience for walkers with better facilities including more litter bins, play and fitness equipment