Parking Services - NSL Contract

The London Borough of Barnet entered into a new contract with NSL Ltd on 1 November 2018 to deliver its parking enforcement and related services.  The contract is currently being prepared for publication and will be available on this page.

The previous contract with NSL, which was entered into on 1 April 2012, is published here.

The contract, schedules and appendices have been redacted to remove personal information and information that has been reasonably designated as confidential and commercially prejudicial.

All redacted information has been removed because it is either:

  • the personal information of junior employees, or the signatures of those signing documents; or
  • commercially sensitive information and disclosure could prejudice the commercial interests of NSL or Parking Associates Ltd.

The information was originally released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The Information Commissioner’s Office ICO have upheld all the redactions the Council has made.

The council is committed to making its major contracts available online, and others may be found here:

  • Customer and Support Group (CSG)
  • Development and Regulatory Services (DRS)

Please note that these contracts and schedules / appendices are the intellectual property of the London Borough of Barnet, or London Borough of Barnet and Parking Associates Ltd or NSL Ltd. You can read, download or copy it for your own personal private use. Any unauthorised use of these contracts without permission, particularly for any commercial gain, will constitute an actionable breach of copyright.