Saracens event day CPZ

A CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone is in place on days when Saracens play their home matches at Copthall Stadium and on 2 extra ‘major events’ days each year. All matches and events are on Saturdays or Sundays and the CPZ will be in force from 1pm to 6pm.

If you are a resident or business you will need a permit, visitors will need a visitor voucher. These permits and vouchers are free. You can apply for permits and visitor vouchers online.

Event day CPZ

Signs advise motorists of the next event’s date and times. Any single yellow lines in the area prevent parking during these times unless otherwise indicated on nearby signs. All double yellow lines will ban parking 'at all times' and won’t have additional signs.  

The area around the stadium is controlled in 2 ways:

  • a traditional CPZ layout incorporating road markings and signs
  • 'Permit Holder Past this point' areas enforced through roadside signs

Traditional CPZ layout (with marked parking bays and yellow lines)

Some roads in the area will be restricted through the introduction of an Event Day CPZ.

Some parking bays will be provided, most of which are for use by permit and visitor voucher holders.  

Limited stay parking bays will also be provided near local shops and amenities to allow motorists to use the local services for a limited time on event days.

Yellow lines will be marked on certain roads to reduce congestion on the primary bus and coach routes to the venue.  

'Permit holders past this point' areas (without marked parking bays)

'Permit holders past this point' areas are usually introduced in cul-de-sacs or small networks of roads with little or no through traffic. This also allows permit holders to park as they would usually, rather than be limited to parking bays.

'Permit Holders Past this point' restrictions are introduced in many roads in the Saracens Event Day Parking Zone for use by only permit or visitor voucher holders.  Entry signs and occasional repeater signs on each road stating 'Permit holders past this point' will indicate the restriction. There will be no parking bays or waiting restrictions in these roads.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading will be permitted in all the parking places in the CPZ for up to 40 minutes without the need to display a permit or visitor voucher, provided that the loading and unloading activity is seen to be continuous.  This will also apply on any yellow line restriction provided that no loading restrictions are in force.

Existing CPZs

No changes will be made to the bay markings and current signs in the existing Hendon (HC2), Mill Hill (E), and Mill Hill East (MH) CPZs.  However, additional parking and waiting restriction signs will be added to advise you of the Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 6pm event day restrictions.