Why Barnet needs CCTV traffic enforcement

We’re a borough of car owners. In Barnet car ownership is double the London average.

And with the M1, M25 and A406 all running through the borough, Barnet is a major route for London commuters, adding significantly to our residential traffic.

That makes Barnet at risk of too many traffic accidents, too much congestion and too much air pollution.

There are around 120 road traffic accidents per year at our main junctions; at some junctions there is an accident every month.

With all the slow-moving and standing traffic, our air quality is above EU safety limits. Our air quality measures are averaging 31.5% higher than the EU target set for London.

Keeping traffic moving smoothly and safely has to be a top priority to reduce risk to the people that live here.

So we’ve carried out a survey of all our traffic hotspots and placed CCTV cameras to deter poor driving, and to capture it when it happens.

Since April 2016, we have issued penalty charge notices (PCN) to those drivers who don’t drive well and safely at certain locations in our borough.

Find out how to drive smarter and avoid a driving penalty.

Read how we’ll monitor three particular road hotspots in Barnet to improve safety and traffic flow.