Electoral Register archive

Electoral registers at the Local Studies Centre

  • Barnet 1930, 1936 (South Mimms area only), 1957 to 2014
  • East Barnet 1939, 1948 to 2014
  • Finchley 1908, 1921, 1924, 1936 to 2014
  • Friern Barnet (included in Finchley registers) 1924, 1926 to 2014
  • Hendon 1901, 1903, 1912 to 2014

During this period Barnet and East Barnet were part of Hertfordshire County Council and Finchley, Frien Barnet and Hendon were part of Middlesex County Council.

Digitised registers

All electoral registers up to 1965 have now been digitised and are searchable.

There are incomplete runs (breaks in the sequences) in all areas. There were no electoral registers published during the First or Second World Wars.

Ancestry database

Middlesex electoral registers are available online via the 'Ancestry' library database. You can access Ancestry in all Barnet libraries and at the Local Studies Centre.