Barnet Substance Misuse Needs Assessments

Combatting Drugs Partnership Board

The national drug strategy, ‘From Harm to Hope’ was published in December 2021. It sets out the government’s 10-year plan to tackle harm caused by illegal drug use and related crime.

In keeping with prior drug strategies, From Harm to Hope sets out three strategic priorities:

  1. Break drug supply chains
  2. Deliver a world class treatment and recovery system
  3. Achieve a generational shift in the demand for drugs.

The Barnet Combatting Drugs Partnership was established in 2022 to bring together relevant partners to assess needs, develop an action plan, and deliver locally relevant ambitions in relation to the drug strategy.

This needs assessment reflects the Barnet Combatting Drugs Partnership ambition to develop a programme of work that addresses drug and alcohol misuse in Barnet by holistically assessing local needs and making key recommendations.



The Adults Substance Misuse Service Review and Needs Assessment Refresh was undertaken to inform commissioning intentions for the re-commissioning of services by April 2020. This report starts with a brief description of the current policy background; provides details of national perspectives before moving to consideration of the available data and consultation feedback which provided the evidential background for the recommendations proposed.

Barnet Adults Substance Misuse Service Review & Needs Assessment Refresh 2019 (PDF, 2,400 KB)


Young People 

This review of existing service provision for young people and needs assessment refresh, provides information on national strategy and prevalence estimates before outlining Barnet specific data relating to substance misuse by young people. It suggests areas for consideration ahead of the re-commissioning of the young people’s substance misuse service from April 2020.


Equality Impact Analysis

Barnet Public Health are re-commissioning Adults and Young People’s Substance misuse services by April 2020.  Following the Adults and Young people’s Substance Misuse Service Review and Needs Assessments,  an Equality Impact Analysis has been undertaken. The main objective of the  Equality Impact Analysis Report is to achieve better outcomes for all residents (but particularly those at risk) and better value for money for substance misuse service.

The Equality Impact Analysis report starts with a description, providing the context of aims and objectives of the function, policy, and service to be re-commissioned.  Further details describe how  equality strands are affected, with mitigation plans and data provided where relevant.