Pollution control Part B processes permit

Part B processes are those which have the potential to cause air pollution. 

This means that premises such as:

  • crematoria
  • dry cleaners
  • printworks
  • waste oil burners
  • vehicle respraying
  • concrete crushers and cement batching plants need to have a permit to operate and be inspected regularly.

We are responsible for issuing permits and inspecting all part B processes under the Pollution, Prevention and Control Act 1999. As well as the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.  

Anyone wishing to carry out a process that requires a permit must make an application to us, Barnet Council.

We will issue a permit that sets down conditions that the operator must meet to minimise air pollution.  During inspections scientific officers ask to see how these conditions are being met.

For more information about environmental permitting see the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website.

A number of other types of processes in the UK are inspected by the Environment Agency.


 Companies wishing to carry out part B processes can:

If you are unsure of your responsibilities please contact Scientific Services for advice.

Petrol stations are inspected by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (which runs the London Fire Brigade). They therefore inspect the pollution control arrangements at the petrol stations on behalf of the council.

Information requests

The Environmental Permitting Regulations require the council to keep a public register of all the part B processes that we currently permit. This information is available on request.

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