Complaints: You said, we did

When we get things wrong, it’s important that we understand why and what we need to do to put things right. Your feedback is crucial to helping us learn from our mistakes and making sure we improve the services and the experience you receive.

Below are the most recent examples of how your complaints have been used to make improvements.

You said: There appeared to be a lack of clarity with staff about council tax exemptions regarding live-in carers.
We did: We provided training to our staff regarding processing of council tax bills where there are live-in carers.

You said: I did not receive confirmation that my application for green waste collection had been processed.
We did: The form submitted was incomplete which caused the delay, but we are now running regular reports to show incomplete forms and working with residents are processed in a timely manner.

You said: A contractor did not contact me within agreed timescales.
We did: A review was complete with the contractor regarding the case, and we clarified timeframes for the contactor to complete assessments.