Care and Repair

We help older people and disabled people of all ages to live independently and safely in their own homes.

How Care and Repair can help

We can help by:

  • checking your benefit entitlement and helping you to apply for any benefits which you might be entitled to
  • advising you what repairs and improvements are necessary to your home to make it safe
  • preparing a specification relating to the work you want undertaken
  • obtaining quotations from builders and overseeing the works until they are completed
  • providing details of contractors that we have used in the past and whose performance we are happy with
  • putting you in touch with other local services, such as the handyperson service and occupational therapy team
  • advising you about grants and other financial assistance (various charities) that may be available
  • referring you on to energy efficiency schemes and security schemes to make your home safer, warmer and more energy efficient

Financial assistance (subject to funding being available)

Disabled Facility Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants are provided to disabled persons to adapt their homes to make it suitable for their needs.

Grants are only available on the recommendation of an occupational therapist and are means tested

Home fire safety

Care and Repair work closely with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA). The LFEPA will visit you at home to offer advice on how to make your home safe and, where needed, fit a smoke alarm for free.

The LFEPA target people and places where we know there is a higher risk of fire. This includes high-risk individuals such as:

  • older people, especially those living alone
  • those with mobility, vision and hearing impairment
  • mental health services users
  • those liable to intoxication through alcohol or drug use.

A combination of these factors will significantly increase the risk from fire.

More information on home fire safety

Paying for our services

Many of our services are provided free of charge. However, we are unable to provide all of our services this way. For some works, a fee based on the cost of works will be charged.

The amount to be charged will be fully discussed with you before you are committed in any way. In many cases, the cost of the fees can be covered by the grant being applied for.

Contact us about our services

Please call the Care and Repair agency on 020 8359 7462 to find out more about our services.

Keep Warm, Stay Well

Keeping warm in the colder months is important and can help prevent illness.

Those who already experience a long term health condition, such as severe asthma or a chest or heart complaint, face the additional risk of having a stroke or heart attack in cold conditions.

We have more information on helping people with long term health conditions to stay warm

General information

Barnet Council is committed to working in partnership with other organisations that help adults at risk maintain their independence and safety.

We have more information.

What if I am not happy with the service?

If you have a complaint about the administration of your grant, you should contact the Private Sector Housing Manager on 020 8359 6092